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◆ Taipei Marriott Hotel
2018 Acoms Conference will be held at Taipei Marriott Hotel, Taiwan, from November 08 - 11, 2018. It is the city’s largest integrated destination complex with a five-star 320-room luxury hotel, shopping and dining arcade and a state-of-the-art convention center. With a prime location in the middle of the Dazhi District, the hotel offers rooms with panoramic views of Taipei city and botanical gardens. Taipei Marriott is an urban city resort, located along Keelung River.
Address : No.199 Lequn 2nd Road(intersection with jinye 4th Road), ZhongShan District, Taipei, 10462 Taiwan
TEL : +886 2 8502 9999
Website :


Jiannan Rd. Station Exit 2 (Miramar)
1. Go straight through Bei An Rd. Turn right when you see the intersection of Bei An Rd. and Jingye 4th Rd.
2. Go straight through Jingye 4th Rd until the intersection of Jingye 4th Rd and Lequn 2nd Rd.


1. Bus A-Jingye 4th Rd(Zhifu Rd Intersection)
208、33、42、553、72、Blue 20、Blue 7
2. Bus B -Keelung River 2nd. Term Public Housing 1(Jingye 4th Rd and Lequn 2nd Rd intersection)
268、42、553、645、Brown 20、Red 3、Green 16、Blue 26、Blue 7
3. Bus C -Keelung River 2nd. Term Public Housing 2(Lequn 2nd Rd intersection)
268、645、677、Brown 20、Red 3、Green 16、Blue 26
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