Half Day Tour(11/7-12)

Jiufen/ Pingxi Book Now
Taipei→Gold Museum→Jiufen Old Street→Taipei→Brother Hotel-Flower Teppan Food Restaurant→Back to hotel
Private Tour (2people) US$ 199 / per person
Jinshan/ Juming Museum Book Now
Taipei→Jinshan Juming Museum→Yangjin Highway→Beitou Grand View Resort&Chinese Cusine→Back to hotel
Private Tour (2people) US$ 289 / per person
Yehliu Geopark Book Now
Taipei→Yehliu Geopark→Taipei→Taipei 101- Shin Yeh Dining→Back to hotel
Private Tour (2people) US$ 259 / per person
Tamsui Book Now
Taipei→Tamsui Old Street→Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf →Beitou Grand View Resort-Chinese Cuisine→Back to hotel
Private Tour (2people) US$ 349 / per person
National Palace Museum Book Now
Taipei→National Palace Museum→Beitou Grand View Resort-Chinese Cuisine→Back to hotel
Private Tour (2people) US$ 279 / per person
Sanxia / Great Roots Resort Book Now
Taipei→Great Roots Resort→Great Roots Resort-Crown Prince Restaurant→Taipei→Back to hotel
Private Tour (2people) US$ 159 / per person

Two-Day Tour(11/10-11)

Hualien Book Now
Day 1 Taipei→Hualien station → Aboriginal cuisine Lunch → Cingshui Cliff → Taroko National Park → Changchun Temple → Tianxiang→Silks Place Taroko
Day 2 Hotel breakfast → Jioucyudong→Swallow Grotto→Sakadang Trail→Ocean Sunfish Cuisine →Hualien station → Taipei
Private Tour (16people) US$ 690 / per person

Three-Day Tour(11/11-13)

Alishan/Nantou Book Now
Day 1 Taipei→Taichung→Sun Moon Lake Highway→Mann Gay Dann Aboriginal Cuisine→Yidashao Pier→Fleur de Chine Hotel→Fleur de Chine Hotel Dinner
Day 2 Fleur de Chine Hotel→Xiangshan Visitor Center→Alishan Highway→Fenqihu→Fenchihu hotel-Lunch→Alishan House→ Alishan House Dinner
Day 3 Alishan House→Alishan Forest Recreation Area→Lunch→Taichung→The Lin Hotel-Japanese Cuisine→Houli Horse Farm-bike riding→Taipei→999 restaurant-Dinner
Private Tour (16people) US$ 750 / per person

*Business tax and other miscellaneous expenses are all included in the prices stated above.
*Please contact Aurora Tours for any special requests.
*On-site price for tours will be higher than preordering online.
*We will offer three languages for the tour, English, Japanese and Korean.

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