Social Event

Speaker′s Night

Time:11 / 08 18:00
Venue:Marriott Hotel Panorama Ballroom (36F)
Menu:Chinese Cuisine

Opening Ceremony & Welcome Reception

Time:11 / 09 18:00
Venue:Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom I (5F)
Menu:Western Cuisine (Buffet)

Gala Dinner

The gala dinner of the 13th ACOMS will be held at the Taipei Marriott Hotel which is one of the city's prime luxury hotels. The 13th ACOMS will not only provide a spectacular array of traditional Taiwanese delicacies, but also create an unique and comfortable environment with live music and stage shows to entertain our guests.

Time:11 / 10 18:00
Venue:Marriott Hotel Garden Villa (8F)
Menu:Chinese Cuisine